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Mineola HS
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Coaching Staff
 Kerry Cordova
 Michael SantaMaria
 Tony Gulli (Athletic Director)
Armstrong Ave.,  Mineola,  11501  map 
Mineola -Meets & Results
Printable Team Performance Grid - Cross Country 2011 Boys / Cross Country 2011 Girls
Latest Meet Results
1. State Qualifier 
Tuesday 2/11/2014
01:28.50 Dylan Bestler (boys 600 M)
2. Class "B" County Championships 
Tuesday 2/4/2014
5' 6" Tom Farrell (boys High Jump)
4' 10" Jenna Pareti (girls High Jump)
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Cross Country 2011 - Top 10   Boys (Show Girls)
Mineola - Team Schedule
Boys Cross Country 2011 Team Schedule (Show Girls Cross Country 2011 Team Schedule)
Data is not yet available for Cross Country 2011!
Mineola - Team Roster
Boys Cross country 2012 Team List (Show Girls Cross country 2012 Team List) Show alumni
2575 Brad Coleman
2582 Fredric Lang
2585 Joseph Mulder
2587 Patrick Murray
2573 Dylan Bestler
2576 Anthony Cueter
2581 Ryan Kelly
3722 Mellique Nicholas
3723 David Park
2588 Ruben Renderos
2589 Jake Tavernite
2572 Robin Abraham
2574 Gregory Canell
2578 Brian Darmstadt
2579 Douglas Demagistris
2580 Michael Kaestel
2583 Ronn Mathew
2584 Chris Mueller
2586 John Murray
2577 Joseph Cueter
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