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Locust Valley HS
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Coaching Staff
 Ashley Cannone ( Boys/Girsl ) , 
 Joseph Lee
 Katharine Murawski ( Boys/Girsl ) , 
 Shawn Miley
 Mark Dantuono (Athletic Director)
99 Horse Hollow Rd.,  Locust Valley, NY 11560  (516)-674-6337  map 
Locust Valley -Meets & Results
Printable Team Performance Grid - Cross Country 2011 Boys / Cross Country 2011 Girls
Latest Meet Results
1. Class "B" County Championships 
Tuesday 2/4/2014
19' 3" Mark Hammerschmidt (boys Long Jump)
2. Conference 4,6 Girls Championships 
Saturday 1/25/2014
30' 3" Siobhan O'Neill (girls Triple Jump)
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Cross Country 2011 - Top 10   Boys (Show Girls)
Locust Valley - Team Schedule
Boys Cross Country 2011 Team Schedule (Show Girls Cross Country 2011 Team Schedule)
Data is not yet available for Cross Country 2011!
Locust Valley - Team Roster
Boys Cross country 2012 Team List (Show Girls Cross country 2012 Team List) Show alumni
2935 Scott Udisky
2931 Greg Caso
2939 Hayden Walsh
2933 Charles Hollmkuller
2937 Brendan Wright
2932 Charles Compono
2934 Jeremy Penny
2936 Patrick Vaughan
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