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   The Class 'AA' County Championship took place on Thursday, May 28 , 2015 at Great Neck North HS
   The Last Chance Invitational takes place on Monday, June 08 , 2015 at Massapequa HS
    Julie Mercer is now ranked #4 (35 Ft 11.25 In) in the league for Triple Jump
    Stephanie Gerland is now ranked #1 (05:05.70) in the league for 1600 M
    Angeli Andre is now ranked #5 (5 Ft 2 In) in the league for High Jump
    Christopher Duhaney is now ranked #2 (07.80) in the league for 55 HH
    Tim Gibson is now ranked #2 (06.50) in the league for 55 M
    Cristin Rodriquez is now ranked #4 (09.06) in the league for 55 HH
    Corey Bull is now ranked #1 (06.40) in the league for 55 M
    Tiana Sofia is now ranked #5 (08:23.3) in the league for 1500 Walk
    Uniondale HS is now ranked #5 (06.60) in the league for 55 M
    Farmingdale HS is now ranked #5 (50 Ft 1.75 In) in the league for Shot Put
    MacArthur HS is now ranked #5 (11 Ft 6 In) in the league for Pole Vault
    Roslyn HS is now ranked #5 (02:37.43) in the league for 1000 M
Upcoming Meets
1. State Qualifier Meet
Thursday 6/4/2015 - Friday 6/5/2015
2. Last Chance Invitational
Monday 6/8/2015
3. Long Island Meet of Champions
Monday 6/15/2015
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Curious: For now you can go to the "Show Official results sheets" link above and will see a drop down menu that lets you select Spring 2014 static results. (Our new process for getting data will eventually lets us put more prior year results in place, but we are in the building process.) I hope that helps.
  by Charlie Friday, 5/29/2015
(IP. address (05:00 PM)
How can I see Championship meet results from 2014.. When I look back at past meets it goes from 2015 to 2013.. I don't see 2014
  by curious Friday, 5/29/2015
(IP. address (03:24 PM)
Trackconference.com Website News:: Over the past month we have made big improvements in our ability to quickly add results into the interactive rankings and athlete profiles on this site. We expect to be able to add most meet results as quickly as they are officially reported. We thank everyone who has been helping to get this in place.
  by Charlie Thursday, 5/28/2015
(IP. address (09:25 PM)
When will the county champs lists be posted? How and when will we know and which site will they be posted ?
  by curious Monday, 5/25/2015
(IP. address (03:32 PM)
All Division results are now posted under Result Sheets link above. Best of Season updates due by 10am this morning. Online COUNTY MEET ENTRY due by 10pm tonight.
  by TrackCoach Thursday, 5/21/2015
(IP. address (07:26 AM)
Is there a start time for state quals?
  by JFK Bellmore Wednesday, 5/20/2015
(IP. address (11:50 AM)
Division 2B, 3A and 3B Meet results are posted in Results Sheets above. Will be added to interactive results/rankings soon. Coaches, please update your best of season lists and do your County Meet Entry ASAP!
  by TrackCoach Wednesday, 5/20/2015
(IP. address (08:02 AM)
How can you find out if you made it to county championship
  by sj082896@aol.com Wednesday, 5/20/2015
(IP. address (03:40 AM)
Division 1A, 1B and 2A meet results are also in the interactive results and rankings. (We have been building a new process for loading results into the system that lets us load meets much more quickly! It's still a work-in-progress but will be really nice to get up to date results in quickly.)
  by Charlie Tuesday, 5/19/2015
(IP. address (03:30 PM)
Division 1A, 1B and 2A meet results are posted in the red OFFICIAL RESULTS SHEETS link above.
  by TrackCoach Tuesday, 5/19/2015
(IP. address (09:39 AM)
Good morning! For the Division meet (Pole Vault), who is vaulting first, the girls or the boys??? Thanks. Darin Harrison (Westbury Track)
  by Harry Monday, 5/18/2015
(IP. address (07:43 AM)
Can't wait for the Bulldog Invitational!!!! Rumor is the T-Shirts are awesome and it's not going to rain... YEAH FUN!!!
  by curious Friday, 5/15/2015
(IP. address (11:59 AM)
County Meet athlete quota?Order of Events for State Q's quota?
  by mike.spiteri@gmail.com Monday, 5/11/2015
(IP. address (08:36 PM)
Conference League meet standings have been updated. Still a few meets that have not been reported yet. Click the red, 'standings' link above. Be sure Spring 2015 is selected for season.
  by TrackCoach Monday, 5/11/2015
(IP. address (08:59 AM)
North Shore Invite results were posted this morning. Click the red results link above.
  by TrackCoach Monday, 5/11/2015
(IP. address (08:58 AM)
Just checking when North Shore Invitational results from May 9th will be posted.
  by Risintrout@aol.com Monday, 5/11/2015
(IP. address (07:41 AM)
Sorry 'curious', should be posted now.
  by TrackCoach Monday, 5/11/2015
(IP. address (07:34 AM)
There is only boys lynbrook results when I look. No girls results. Do you see them ? I can't find them
  by curious Sunday, 5/10/2015
(IP. address (07:43 PM)
Curious if you look at the results there should be a boys tab and a girls tab click the one you want and it should be there
  by Lynbrook Friday, 5/8/2015
(IP. address (09:01 AM)
Are there any results from Lynbrook for girls? Only boys are posted
  by curious Friday, 5/8/2015
(IP. address (07:52 AM)
The North Shore High School Invitational for this Saturday May 9th will be held at Cold Spring Harbor High School.Neal Levy
  by Coach Levy Thursday, 5/7/2015
(IP. address (11:43 AM)
Where can we find the athletes that go into the seeded events at Under the Lights?
  by mchalet Thursday, 5/7/2015
(IP. address (11:23 AM)
Coaches-two things ... Many thanks to those teams and coaches who manned the water stops at the LI Marathon.Second-events are filling quickly for entry into the New Balance Outdoor Nationals in Greensboro NC.....the finest HS event ever...Get your entry in ASAP...airline fees to G'boro are low right now..will rise shortly...unfortunately the NYS meet conflicts with our HS All Star team to Havana Cuba..so we selected the team without any NY kids...;-(PL
  by Palimmer Wednesday, 5/6/2015
(IP. address (09:27 AM)
2 quick questions...When will the quotas for each event at Counties be released? As well as the order of events for State Quals (and quotas)?Have a fantastic week everyone and enjoy this spring weather!
  by mike.spiteri@gmail.com Monday, 5/4/2015
(IP. address (06:23 PM)
gmeltzfoto, please email frazerm@vschsd.org with concerns rather than post here.
  by TrackCoach Monday, 5/4/2015
(IP. address (08:59 AM)
So, how come the decision was made to no longer post the timings??? I was very happy that info was getting better, why the step backwards?
  by gmeltzfoto Friday, 5/1/2015
(IP. address (09:49 PM)
Conference win/loss league meet records are posted above under Conference League Standings. Individual league meet sheets are not posted.
  by TrackCoach Friday, 5/1/2015
(IP. address (07:15 AM)
League meet results are not posted. Coaches can email frazerm@vschsd.org for more info.
  by TrackCoach Friday, 5/1/2015
(IP. address (07:13 AM)
sorry to keep asking, but if the individual meet results are not being posted for the Spring2015 track season, please advise.
  by gmeltzfoto Friday, 5/1/2015
(IP. address (06:02 AM)
Labels needed for each athlete for the Spartan Invitational at VS North this Saturday!
  by TrackCoach Thursday, 4/30/2015
(IP. address (12:19 PM)
sorry, Conference League Standings- (even clicking on "details")give standings.. not the individual timings that I've seen on Xcntry, winter track
  by gmeltzfoto Thursday, 4/23/2015
(IP. address (08:36 AM)
Seeds for the Nassau Coaches Invitational are posted above. Please remember that all athletes need to have a sticker with their NAME, COMPETITOR NUMBER, AND SCHOOL. (Also, league meet results can be found by clicking the "Conference League Standings" tab above the comment wall.)
  by michael.ringhauser@yahoo.com Wednesday, 4/22/2015
(IP. address (11:56 AM)
where (again) are the league meet results? Not under the "meet results" tab, not under "show official result sheets"..and just in time showing best of season? I know they're somewhere, I just seem to be missing the link????
  by gmeltzfoto Wednesday, 4/22/2015
(IP. address (08:15 AM)
A silver necklace with a heart on it was found at the South Shore Frosh/Soph meet last Thursday. If someone lost one, please email frazerm@vschsd.org
  by TrackCoach Tuesday, 4/21/2015
(IP. address (10:21 AM)
Coaches - all accepted long jump, triple jump, shot put, and discus seeds will be posted tomorrow (Wed. 4/22). Please remember to print out labels for your athletes to compete.
  by michael.ringhauser@yahoo.com Tuesday, 4/21/2015
(IP. address (06:21 AM)
Coaches Reminder: All long jump, triple jump, shot put, and discus seeds for the Nassau Coaches Invitational must be e-mailed to be by SUNDAY, APRIL 19TH. Any entries not e-mailed by that time will have to compete in the unseeded sections. Please get your entries in ASAP!
  by michael.ringhauser@yahoo.com Thursday, 4/16/2015
(IP. address (11:28 AM)
Attention coaches and athletes attending the South Shore Frosh/Soph meet at Wantagh HS tomorrow. There will be T-shirts on sale for $10 and our concession stand will be open throughout the whole meet. Get your T-shirts before we run out! Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.
  by coachdegs Wednesday, 4/15/2015
(IP. address (07:44 AM)
Coaches, an email was just sent out about the Cougar Invite on Saturday. If you plan on coming but did not receive an e-mail then contact me at moner2000@aol.com so I can add your team.
  by JFK Bellmore Saturday, 4/4/2015
(IP. address (05:19 PM)
A bull horn was left at Westbury High School at the girls meet on Monday March 30th... Westbury's meet was against Long Beach, Jericho, and Carey. If anyone realizes which official is missing his bullhorn please let me know. Thanks in advance. Darin HarrisonWestbury Track (516) 547-6574 (cell)
  by Harry Tuesday, 3/31/2015
(IP. address (07:07 PM)
Any teams planning on attending the East Meadow Invitational please let me know via e-mail. Currently we have Clarke (girls), Farmingdale (girls), Glen Cove (girls), GNS (boys/girls), Island Trees (boys), Hewlett (girls), Massapequa (boys), Oceanside (girls), Sewanhaka (boys/girls), VSN (boys/girls), and Wheatley (boys). There is room for anyone else looking for a meet over the break!
  by michael.ringhauser@yahoo.com Friday, 3/27/2015
(IP. address (11:32 AM)
Discus seeds for VS Challenge meet tomorrow have been emailed to coaches of teams who entered the meet. Will also be posted at www.FoundationXCCamp.com
  by TrackCoach Friday, 3/27/2015
(IP. address (08:46 AM)
Good Evening Coaches!! My name is Jamie Kanner and I am a senior at JFK Bellmore. I run the Nassau County chapter of Rolling Thunder Special Needs Program. We meet on Sundays at JFK Bellmore from 2PM-3PM on the track. If you have athletes who you think would be interested in volunteering, please let them know! Also, if anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to email me at: jamie.kanner.6@gmail.com . Thanks in advance!
  by jamie.kanner.6@gmail.com Monday, 3/23/2015
(IP. address (08:09 PM)
It is official. The Bob Baratta Classic has been moved to Wednesday next week. The first event will clerk at 4:15. There is still room if any teams are interested in attending .
  by slee Friday, 3/20/2015
(IP. address (12:39 PM)
It is official. The meet will be held Wednesday next week. The first event will clerk at 4:15. I'll contact you via email next week with an updated schedule. Send me any "must-have" events and I'll try to move those to the beginning of the meet. There is still room if any teams are interested in attending.
  by slee Friday, 3/20/2015
(IP. address (12:38 PM)
BC - any questions, please email the coordinators.
  by TrackCoach Friday, 3/20/2015
(IP. address (07:24 AM)
Are the fresh soph meets free?
  by BC Friday, 3/20/2015
(IP. address (07:19 AM)
The Massapequa Developmental Meet is being moved to Tuesday March 24. Clerking will begin at 4:15 pm and competiion at 4:30. We still have room for any teams looking for a meet.Rich DegnanMassapequa High School
  by Sam Dee Thursday, 3/19/2015
(IP. address (10:25 AM)
Seahawk Girls Teams: New Hyde Park, East Meadow, Oyster Bay, Smithton West, Plainview, LI Lutheran, Clarke, Wantagh, Locust Valley, South Side, Carle Place, Our Lady of Mercy
  by naurigemma Tuesday, 3/17/2015
(IP. address (01:26 AM)
Seahawk Boys Teams: New Hyde Park, Oyster Bay, Mepham, LI Lutheran, Wheatley, Wantagh, Manhasset, Locust Valley, South Side, Carle Place
  by naurigemma Tuesday, 3/17/2015
(IP. address (01:24 AM)
Seahawk Invite Boys Teams:New Hyde ParkOyster BayMephamLI LutheranWheatleyWantaghManhassetLocust ValleySouth SideCarle Place
  by naurigemma Tuesday, 3/17/2015
(IP. address (01:21 AM)