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   The Conferences 1, 4 takes place on Thursday, January 08 , 2015 at St. Anthony's HS
   The Conferences 3, 5 takes place on Tuesday, January 06 , 2015 at St. Anthony's HS
    Ginamarie Ospedale is now ranked #2 (8 Ft 3 In) in the league for Pole Vault
    Brittany Hurst is now ranked #1 (9 Ft 1 In) in the league for Pole Vault
    Corey Bull is now ranked #3 (37.77) in the league for 300 M
    Zavier Jean-Charles is now ranked #2 (6 Ft ) in the league for High Jump
    Claude Parola is now ranked #5 (37.86) in the league for 300 M
    Matthew Su is now ranked #5 (20 Ft 10.50 In) in the league for Long Jump
    Christopher Canadeo is now ranked #4 (46 Ft 4 In) in the league for Shot Put
    John Putnam is now ranked #1 (62 Ft 10 In) in the league for Weight Throw
    Farmingdale HS is now ranked #3 (5 Ft 10 In) in the league for High Jump
    Uniondale HS is now ranked #3 (01:28.90) in the league for 600 M
    Massapequa HS is now ranked #5 (08:36.4) in the league for 1500 Walk
    Massapequa HS is now ranked #5 (11 Ft ) in the league for Pole Vault
Upcoming Meets
1. Conferences 3, 5
Tuesday 1/6/2015
2. Conferences 2, 6
Wednesday 1/7/2015
3. Conferences 1, 4
Thursday 1/8/2015
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Please check the document above titled "Change in Order of Events for Format C" It contains a lot of information coaches need to know for this upcoming week. Thank you!
  by coachdegs Monday, 12/15/2014
(IP. address (05:53 PM)
Today is the first seeding deadline. Any performances up to this point must be entered by the end of the day today if you plan on using them for seeds at the end of the season. Thank you!
  by coachdegs Friday, 12/12/2014
(IP. address (08:16 AM)
The site has been updated and all links are working.
  by website admin Thursday, 12/11/2014
(IP. address (09:30 PM)
There seems to be some problems with some of the Coaches Corner links above. We will get them back working asap.
  by TrackCoach Wednesday, 12/10/2014
(IP. address (05:03 PM)
Coaches ONLY will be permitted to enter the facility tonight - Thursday at 5:40 for the purpose of picking up your number packets. Please DO NOT BRING ANY ATHLETES WITH YOU. St. Anthony's Security has been instructed to open doors for coaches only at 5:40. Please pick up your number packet and begin working on it so we do not have a backup at 6pm. Don't forget to bring your own pins please.Thank you for your cooperation!
  by coachdegs Tuesday, 12/9/2014
(IP. address 170.24.128) (01:35 PM)
Garden City girls will be looking to hire one assistant coach, who has expertise in the jumps and/or hurdles, for the spring season. Any interested candidates should email a resume to the AD, Dawn Cerrone, at cerroned@gcufsd.net
  by GCT Monday, 12/8/2014
(IP. address (02:33 PM)
Nassau Coaches Winter Invite Results posted above.
  by TrackCoach Monday, 12/8/2014
(IP. address (10:30 AM)
Coaches please remember your busses can not arrive at St. Anthony's prior to 5:30 and your athletes must stay on the bus until 5:50. Doors will not open until 6pm for any reason. Thank you for your attention to this!
  by coachdegs Thursday, 12/4/2014
(IP. address (08:06 AM)
Anyone who is planning on having an invitational this winter (or spring) and is in need of a results person, please email Jordan.ashley591@gmail.com!
  by TheCoach Wednesday, 12/3/2014
(IP. address (01:24 PM)
Coaches - Please note that all entries in the 600, 1000, and DMR were accepted for this Friday's Nassau Coaches Invitational. There will be NO ADDITIONAL ENTRIES IN THOSE EVENTS ON THE DAY OF THE MEET!
  by michael.ringhauser@yahoo.com Wednesday, 12/3/2014
(IP. address (12:25 PM)
Yesterday's meet results are posted under SHOW OFFICIAL RESULTS SHEETS above
  by TrackCoach Wednesday, 12/3/2014
(IP. address (12:16 PM)
All Winter Track coaches must read the document above "Week 1 Crossover Instructions" Good Luck this season!
  by coachdegs Tuesday, 12/2/2014
(IP. address (09:12 AM)
All rosters were due November 23rd. We are still missing some teams. Coaches have been contacted. If we do not receive your rosters this morning your athletes will not have numbers and cannot compete this week. Please submit immediately. Thank you!
  by coachdegs Monday, 12/1/2014
(IP. address (11:03 AM)
One more reminder that all entries for the Nassau Coaches Invitational are due. We will be doing the seeding for the 600, 1000, and DMR TONIGHT, so send in your seeds ASAP!
  by michael.ringhauser@yahoo.com Monday, 12/1/2014
(IP. address (10:54 AM)
Hi Coaches! If you are bringing athletes to the race walk/weight throw clinic please email Kristin with your approximate numbers. Kristinfrazer@gmail.com Thank you!
  by coachdegs Sunday, 11/30/2014
(IP. address (11:38 AM)
What are we doing for numbers for the conference meets.They start this week .just wondering do we need cards for numbers like cross country
  by winaring@optonline.net Sunday, 11/30/2014
(IP. address (10:32 AM)
REMINDER - All entries for the Nassau Coaches Invitational are due this Monday, 12/1. At the moment we are VERY light on entries, so any coaches thinking about entering please do so. If there are any teams who need help entering please contact me with any problems/concerns. (michael.ringhauser@yahoo.com)
  by michael.ringhauser@yahoo.com Saturday, 11/29/2014
(IP. address (02:52 PM)
Winter Track Rosters are now due. Please submit your rosters at just-in-time-racing.com. Email Tony Toro for your password if you haven't done so already.
  by coachdegs Monday, 11/24/2014
(IP. address (01:20 AM)
Walt Brem Series posted
  by coachdegs Thursday, 11/20/2014
(IP. address (01:56 PM)
Any info on the Walt Brem meets?
  by TheCoach Thursday, 11/20/2014
(IP. address (11:19 AM)
Long Beach Hot Chocolate Relays posted above!
  by TrackCoach Thursday, 11/20/2014
(IP. address (08:14 AM)
Any entry info for long beach relays ??
  by mag Wednesday, 11/19/2014
(IP. address (08:38 AM)
The deadline for the Cross Country All-Star Dinner is one week away. Send in your registration soon. Coaches sending PO's through school, please send a copy or an email with the number of seats!
  by TrackCoach Monday, 11/17/2014
(IP. address (02:44 PM)
Friendship Games entry information has been posted above
  by coachdegs Monday, 11/17/2014
(IP. address (08:19 AM)
Can someone please post a friendship games form? There weren't enough the other night. Thanks.
  by coachm Saturday, 11/15/2014
(IP. address (02:21 PM)
Nassau Coaches Invite and North Shore Winter Invite Entries are posted above. Please get started on meet entries, especially Nassau Coaches Meet. It is only 3 weeks away!
  by TrackCoach Friday, 11/14/2014
(IP. address (08:30 AM)
The Winter Track handbook has been posted above. Please print it out and bring it to the meeting. If you have any questions prior to the meeting feel free to email me. Thank you!
  by coachdegs Thursday, 11/13/2014
(IP. address (10:27 AM)
The Winter Track handbook will be available above tomorrow (11/13) immediately following the HSAA meeting (noon). We are waiting on approval of some items before releasing handbook. Please print out and bring to the meeting. We will see you tomorrow night. Thank you!
  by coachdegs Wednesday, 11/12/2014
(IP. address (02:21 PM)
Coaches, CoachesDon't pass up the opportunity to run at the Nike Regional at Bowdoin Park...great Nike gift, awesome pasta party ( Mary Cain will speak! Your kids deserve this opportunity...who wants xc to end? NO ONE! Register now at runnerspace.com/nxnny....all are welcome...races for all abilities....what an opportunity to check out your underclassmen....a great way to build your program, especially a young team....help bring Nassau back!Questions? 631-266-2728
  by Mep alum Wednesday, 11/12/2014
(IP. address (02:02 PM)
Winter Track Coaches Association Meet Entry now posted above!
  by TrackCoach Wednesday, 11/12/2014
(IP. address (10:06 AM)
So the site now has the final Bethpage dynamic rankings for the season. View the OVERALL rankings or view by your CONFERENCE or by your GRADE. Send some feedback and spread the word.
  by Charlie Friday, 11/7/2014
(IP. address (01:35 PM)
The Teddy Roosevelt/Clint Miller Inv. results are integrated into the dynamic rankings and athlete profile profiles.
  by Charlie Friday, 11/7/2014
(IP. address (01:33 PM)
HONDA CAR REMOTE found at Bethpage meet. These are very expensive to replace. It is for a Honda van and has a yankee house key on key ring.
  by lilcoachderuvo Wednesday, 11/5/2014
(IP. address (05:07 PM)
If you lost something please ask. I will keep the lost and found from all XC meets held at Bethpage this season until Nov. 12 then it will be donated.
  by lilcoachderuvo Wednesday, 11/5/2014
(IP. address (05:04 PM)
Any word on Friendship Games dates? Thanks.
  by EM coach Tuesday, 11/4/2014
(IP. address (07:56 PM)
The results from the State Qualifier are now integrated into the dynamic rankings. You can see them in the meet results, sortable rankings, athlete profile, etc.
  by Charlie Tuesday, 11/4/2014
(IP. address (05:33 PM)
Rainy, wet, cold and messy at the XC State Qualifier today. These are the days you remember! Props to everyone there!
  by Charlie Saturday, 11/1/2014
(IP. address (03:06 PM)

Click here => try our Team Performance Grids and see ALL results for the season from ALL your team.
  by Charlie Wednesday, 10/29/2014
(IP. address (03:15 PM)

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Click here => Trackconference.com's Facebook page
  by Charlie Wednesday, 10/29/2014
(IP. address (03:15 PM)
Attn: Coaches The provisional All-Conference list was emailed to you. If you did not receive the list send me an email and I will forward it to you. ThanksNeal Levylevyn@northshoreschools.org
  by Coach Levy Tuesday, 10/28/2014
(IP. address (01:50 PM)
Follow @NassauTrackConf on twitter to get alerts when updates are made to this site.
  by website admin Monday, 10/27/2014
(IP. address (10:22 PM)
Ed, you are right. The State Meet is not at Bethpage this year. (Image how cool if it were!) It is at SUNY Canton. This site has been corrected.
  by website admin Monday, 10/27/2014
(IP. address (06:31 PM)
If you see any incorrect information on the page, simply contact us to get it right, frazerm@vschsd.org
  by TrackCoach Monday, 10/27/2014
(IP. address (12:42 PM)
I do not think the State Meet will be held at Bethpage Park this year( as seen on left side if this page)
  by et Monday, 10/27/2014
(IP. address (12:24 PM)
Each athlete receives that awesome Nike gift that many Sec viIi kids wear proudly...a great pasta party featuring a famous nike athlete with prizes gifts, etc....ask anyone who has been to it and they will tell you it is not to be missed....Thanksgiving SaturdayNovember 29 is the date...you won't regret it,PL
  by Mep alum Sunday, 10/26/2014
(IP. address (04:34 PM)
Coaches, athletes,Nike Cross is here! Over the years many SecVIII teams and athletes have competed in the Nike Regional at Bowdoin Park..all have had a super time and experience....many nassau coaches actually work at the event and this year is no different only bigger and better..there are races fall all abilities and the chance to get to Portland free for the National Championships.What a great experience for teams and individuals...go to the website and register..runnerspace/nxn.com
  by Mep alum Sunday, 10/26/2014
(IP. address (04:31 PM)
Need some people to test out out photo section on the left. Submit photos today and at the meet via Twitter or Instagram.
  by website admin Thursday, 10/23/2014
(IP. address (01:33 PM)
The State Classes and the County Classes shown on this site were corrected last night. So that rankings should be showing the correct results. Let me know if you see any that are still incorrect.
  by website admin Thursday, 10/23/2014
(IP. address (01:31 PM)
We see we've got some schools listed in the wrong state class here or there in the sortable rankings. We will get it fixed, BUT REMEMBER, ALWAYS GO BY WHAT THE HANDBOOK SAYS!
  by TrackCoach Wednesday, 10/22/2014
(IP. address (04:05 PM)
Coaches, If you competed at a meet that is not included in the sortable rankings, send me an email and we will get you in there; frazerm@vschsd.org. Remember, coaches can log in and add/correct/flag performances as well!
  by TrackCoach Wednesday, 10/22/2014
(IP. address (09:33 AM)