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   The Frosh/Soph Meet takes place on Monday, October 20 , 2014 at Bethpage State Park
   The Nassau Coaches Invitational takes place on Saturday, October 18 , 2014 at Bethpage State Park
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1. League Meet #3 - Conference 3 & 4
Tuesday 9/30/2014
2. League Meet #4 - Conference 2 & 4
Monday 10/6/2014
3. League Meet #4 - Conference 1 & 3
Tuesday 10/7/2014
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Winter Track Coaches: If you are hosting an invitational and would like us to include your date in our winter handbook please email me the information no later than October 1st. kristinfrazer@gmail.comThank you!
  by coachdegs Wednesday, 9/24/2014
(IP. address (12:18 PM)
All results have been moved to the "Official Result Sheet" tab in red above.
  by TrackCoach Tuesday, 9/23/2014
(IP. address (11:02 AM)
Just wanted to share something that has worked for our program. We use twitter to communicate with our athletes in order to share articles, videos, and other motivational tools to get the kids excited about the sport. You can attach website links to results which is nice to share with your athletes. If you have any questions let me know and I'll be glad to help. Good luck at any invitationals this weekend!
  by mike.spiteri@gmail.com Thursday, 9/18/2014
(IP. address (03:56 PM)
FYI, Anyone attending the St. Anthony's Invite on 10/3, you do not need a bus parking pass because it is a Friday and the State is not charging.
  by TrackCoach Thursday, 9/11/2014
(IP. address (07:26 AM)
Attention: Cross-Country CoachesAll rosters must be submitted on www.just-in-time-racing.com by this Friday Sept 5. Any problems emailTony Toro eltorotf@optonline.net
  by Coach Levy Wednesday, 9/3/2014
(IP. address (12:12 PM)
The Great Neck Invitational will be held October 11th. Varsity races will take place post SAT exams. The long standing Middle School Carnival will take place prior to the high school races. For more information please email dreader@greatneck.k12.ny.us.
  by slee Wednesday, 9/3/2014
(IP. address (10:45 AM)
Bruce Mac 5k held at the Sands Point Preserve Wednesday, Sept 10. Varsity, jv and novice races. Deadline for entry is Sept 5. For more info and/or entry form, email portwashingtontf@gmail.com.
  by PWTF Friday, 8/29/2014
(IP. address (09:02 PM)
As per request from some of you at last night's meeting, here is the link to my fundraiser for my aunt who is battling ALS. Thank you so much for your support!! http://events.carolinashealthcarefoundation.org/site/TR/GardenofHope/General?px=1280881
  by coachdegs Friday, 8/29/2014
(IP. address (12:43 PM)
Attn: Cross-Country CoachesAbove is the Cross-Country Handbook. Please review and bring a copy of it to the coaches meeting (see above as well).Any questions let me know:levyn@northshoreschools.orgEnjoy the remaining days of summer break!
  by Coach Levy Thursday, 8/14/2014
(IP. address (09:22 PM)
Winter Track Coaches The State meet will be held at Cornell this coming year. Boys first, then girls. It is a 2 year contract. The State Committee will meet in September 2015 to discuss the site of the 2017 State Champs. Just wanted to keep you in the loop as many have been asking me. Enjoy the summer!
  by coachdegs Thursday, 7/10/2014
(IP. address (02:46 PM)
The USATF Long Island office has made arrangements to house the result/record collection in our warehouse Once we have them we will assemble a team of those interested in working on this project of preserving the history of section VIII Xc track and Field. So put yourself on the list.Degs
  by Sam Dee Thursday, 7/3/2014
(IP. address (08:53 AM)
  by mn1585@aol.com Wednesday, 7/2/2014
(IP. address (02:10 PM)
Hi bob. I would be interested. Please contact me Mike Nola My email is mn1585@aol.cok
  by mn1585@aol.com Wednesday, 7/2/2014
(IP. address (02:09 PM)
Hi Bob, I would be willing to go through the collection and put something together. I will shoot you an email.
  by naurigemma@yahoo.com Tuesday, 7/1/2014
(IP. address (02:05 AM)
If anyone is interested in the results from about 1987 through some of 2013, please let me know. Everything before 2001 is in paper form and are in notebooks by year, with meet results and rankings, 2001 to 2013 are digital and some paper. Would prefer to give the entire collection to someone looking to up date records but will consider individual years.
  by Beercoach Monday, 6/30/2014
(IP. address (01:38 PM)
Attn: Cross-Country CoachesPlease take a look at the 2014 XC Overview-Posted above. It contains the schedule, as well as other important information for the upcoming season. Any questions please email me at levyn@northshoreschools.orgEnjoy the summer!
  by Coach Levy Thursday, 6/12/2014
(IP. address (08:59 AM)
Coach Greenbow if you go to Just in time racing and look up the results for your particular Division meet and County meet you will be able to determine honors by looking at the top 3 finishers in each individual event and the top finisher in each relay. There are no All Conference honors in the Spring, only All-Division and All County. These awards are not given out on 6/17. That dinner is for the Officials awards. You will be contacted if your athlete needs to attend.
  by coachdegs Thursday, 6/12/2014
(IP. address (07:41 AM)
Can anyone please direct tell me to where the all-conference and all-county lists for the Spring 2014 season are posted? Are these the awards that will be celebrated at the official awards dinner on 6/17?
  by Greenbow, AL Wednesday, 6/11/2014
(IP. address (02:21 PM)
I want to thank and acknowledge the outstanding job that was done this spring by the coordinators, the athletes and coaches of section viii. Great job! Rich Degnan Massapequa
  by Sam Dee Tuesday, 6/10/2014
(IP. address (11:21 AM)
Good Luck to all of the Section 8 athletes competing at the State Championships today and tomorrow!!
  by coachdegs Friday, 6/6/2014
(IP. address (07:56 AM)
Where can we find a list of those who qualified for the States?
  by tornado Tuesday, 6/3/2014
(IP. address (08:12 AM)
Is there anywhere to access 2014 Spring results?
  by coachdrew Saturday, 5/31/2014
(IP. address (06:38 PM)
Boys Pent results are STILL not up and finalized. But at least we are consistant-they aren't finished on this site, nor on just-in-time.
  by Coach Thursday, 5/29/2014
(IP. address (09:40 PM)
Thanks for the response Degs. Trouble with pent indeed. All individual boys events state "results not available."
  by Coach Thursday, 5/29/2014
(IP. address (09:18 AM)
Coach the results were on just in time last night. Click on each event. The only ones with some trouble are pent results but click each event for that as well.Bellenero the State Qualifier meet is at Roosevelt High School today at 4:30. Today's events include the finals of the 100, 110/100 hurdles, 200, 400, 1500/1600, steeplechase, all relays and field events.Good Luck to all athletes competing today!
  by coachdegs Thursday, 5/29/2014
(IP. address (08:00 AM)
Real time results on just in time website are about 18 hours behind. Can day 1 results be posted somewhere?
  by Coach Thursday, 5/29/2014
(IP. address (06:46 AM)
Lost a pair of black, red and white men's saucony kilkenny xc4 racing shoes... Think I left them at Westbury's track during Divisions last week... please let me know if you have seen them/ know where they are, thanks.
  by brentkavaler Tuesday, 5/27/2014
(IP. address (08:16 PM)
All State Qual information is in the Spring Handbook in the League Notices box above.
  by michael.ringhauser@yahoo.com Tuesday, 5/27/2014
(IP. address (04:20 PM)
Hi does anyone know where the Section 8 state qualifiers are being held and the time of the meet and or schedule of events?
  by bellenero Tuesday, 5/27/2014
(IP. address (01:45 PM)
Hi does anyone know where the Section 8 state qualifiers are being held and the time of the meet and or schedule of events?
  by bellenero Tuesday, 5/27/2014
(IP. address (01:45 PM)
I bought a sympathy card to mail to the Shuler family and now the address has been taken down. PLEASE let me know what it is!
  by letta Tuesday, 5/27/2014
(IP. address (11:13 AM)
East Meadow also lost a boys brass shot put. If anyone happens to find it please let me know!
  by michael.ringhauser@yahoo.com Thursday, 5/22/2014
(IP. address (10:50 PM)
BTW, the brand of the discus is First Place.
  by harris.insler@gmail.com Thursday, 5/22/2014
(IP. address (12:42 PM)
A royal blue girl's discus belonging to Carey H.S. was left at the discus cage yesterday after the 2A competition. If anyone has found it could they please, notify me or bring it to the State Quals next week. Thank you.
  by harris.insler@gmail.com Thursday, 5/22/2014
(IP. address (12:39 PM)
Class County Results posted above under Results tab
  by TrackCoach Thursday, 5/22/2014
(IP. address (10:18 AM)
Thanks Harry
  by Greenbow, AL Tuesday, 5/20/2014
(IP. address (01:32 PM)
Good morning guys! All the seeds are posted here on trackconference.com ... Good luck at the meet!!
  by Harry Tuesday, 5/20/2014
(IP. address (10:15 AM)
Good luck to all Section VIII teams and runners tomorrow
  by Greenbow, AL Monday, 5/19/2014
(IP. address (09:02 PM)
With all due respect, why state that the seeds will be posted on the site and have users waiting unnecessarily for something that will never show up? Just state that the seeds are for coaches only and leave it at that.
  by Greenbow, AL Monday, 5/19/2014
(IP. address (08:35 PM)
The County seeds were emailed at 8:00 this morning to all the head coaches. Thanks.Coach HarrisonWestbury Track
  by Harry Monday, 5/19/2014
(IP. address (01:47 PM)
When and where will the seedings for tomorrow's County Championship races be provided?
  by Greenbow, AL Monday, 5/19/2014
(IP. address (10:42 AM)
Just a clarification- The COUNTY CHAMIONSHIPS take place at Westbury and not at Mitchel Complex as stated in the fata feeds . . .
  by letta Monday, 5/19/2014
(IP. address (09:33 AM)
Cannot Find the final posting of the County entries anywhere!
  by Conor11 Sunday, 5/18/2014
(IP. address (04:52 PM)
Where is the final posting of the County Championship entries?
  by Eileen C. Sunday, 5/18/2014
(IP. address (02:26 PM)
Final posting will be listed on 5/17 . That's what it says under class county information. I didn't see 1st posting on5/16 did I miss something?
  by gjohnson Saturday, 5/17/2014
(IP. address (11:17 PM)
never mind- I found the jumps posted under SHOW OFFICIAL RESULTS SHEETS.
  by letta Saturday, 5/17/2014
(IP. address (09:45 PM)
Neither of their jumps are listed under rankings on this site either as of 10:42 PM.
  by letta Saturday, 5/17/2014
(IP. address (09:42 PM)
It states that all division meet results have been posted. Anointing Onuoha jumped a 19'3" and Alyssa Mustafa jumped 17'5" - (At ROOSEVELT divisons on Tuesday)neither are yet listed as such on JUST IN TIME RACING. . . under best of Nassau Spring results. Why not?
  by letta Saturday, 5/17/2014
(IP. address (09:38 PM)
It states that all division meet results have been posted. Anointing Onuoha jumped a 19'3" and Alyssa Mustafa jumped 17'5" - neither are yet listed as such on JUST IN TIME RACING. . . under best of Nassau Spring results. Why?
  by letta Saturday, 5/17/2014
(IP. address (09:37 PM)
Site is open to make SCRATCHES ONLY. @GJohnson, please email frazerm@vschsd.org if you have a question or complaint.
  by TrackCoach Friday, 5/16/2014
(IP. address (03:23 PM)