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   The State Championship Meet takes place on Saturday, March 07 , 2015 at Cornell University
   The Class "A" County Championships took place on Wednesday, February 04 , 2015 at St. Anthony's HS
    Jude Pierre is now ranked #1 (44 Ft 3 In) in the league for Triple Jump
    Josh Linster is now ranked #4 (06.59) in the league for 55 M
    Michala Webster is now ranked #3 (08.95) in the league for 55 HH
    Stephanie Gerland is now ranked #1 (05:05.70) in the league for 1600 M
    Tim Josephs is now ranked #4 (09:50.8) in the league for 3200 M
    Glenn Lostritto is now ranked #2 (04:32.80) in the league for 1600 M
    Chrisopher Duhaney is now ranked #3 (07.90) in the league for 55 HH
    Olivia Huckemeyer is now ranked #5 (16 Ft 8 In) in the league for Long Jump
    Freeport HS is now ranked #1 (36 Ft 3 In) in the league for Shot Put
    Hewlett HS is now ranked #2 (01:24.0) in the league for 3200 M
    Uniondale HS is now ranked #2 (41.19) in the league for 300 M
    Calhoun HS is now ranked #5 (10:33.6) in the league for 3000 M
Upcoming Meets
1. State Championship Meet
Saturday 3/7/2015
2. Bob Baratta Classic
Saturday 3/21/2015
3. Massapequa Developmental Invite
Saturday 3/21/2015
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The Limmer Invite is now posted under the spring invitational meets link. Thank you
  by piratestrack Tuesday, 3/3/2015
(IP. address (12:00 PM)
Cougar Invite will be posted above soon. New for 2015- discus cage is legal and pole vault has also been added!!
  by JFK Bellmore Monday, 3/2/2015
(IP. address (10:49 PM)
Coaches! A reminder about entry into the Indoor Nationals.March 2 first late date..March 8 last late date.... Acceptances will NOT be notified...only rejections....also the entry guidelines are just that, -guidelines...exceptions can be made...Any questions? Call me..631-266-2728PL
  by Palimmer Monday, 3/2/2015
(IP. address (12:27 PM)
Information has been posted. I apologize it is slanted due to machine. I will email original copies after my next 2 classes (approx. 2:45) will send to Tony and he will send out. Thank you for your patience.
  by coachdegs Tuesday, 2/24/2015
(IP. address (01:02 PM)
Unfortunately I will not have info confirmed until 11 am tomorrow. We are trying to be proactive in avoiding a potential conflict. As soon as I receive the OK you will receive the information. Again, thank you for your patience.
  by coachdegs Monday, 2/23/2015
(IP. address (11:20 PM)
The Nassau Coaches Meet IS ON and will be held on Saturday, April 25th at MacArthur High School. The meet entry will be available by the end of the week.
  by michael.ringhauser@yahoo.com Monday, 2/23/2015
(IP. address (09:28 PM)
Enjoyed the meet, especially happy to see you offered events for Frosh and Soph. That is how you build the sport. Good job!
  by Len Florio Sunday, 2/22/2015
(IP. address (06:28 PM)
Hi all,I was informed earlier today that the information I need to complete the posting of the State Meet paperwork will be confirmed for me Monday morning. At that time I will release everything you need. I don't want to do it in parts for fear of confusing people. Everything will be sent and posted on Monday.Thank you for your patience and stay warm!
  by coachdegs Friday, 2/20/2015
(IP. address (06:44 PM)
Coaches and athletes who are planning on competing at the NB indoor nationals. This is a USATF sanctioned event and you will need current USATF numbers to compete. Go to usatf.org and register or visit the usatf rep at the Long Island Elite Meet.
  by Sam Dee Friday, 2/20/2015
(IP. address (08:58 AM)
If there are any schools interested in hosting the Spring Nassau Coaches Invitational, please contact either myself (michael.ringhauser@yahoo.com) or Fred DeRuvo (coachderuvo@gmail.com). We are in great need of a location!
  by michael.ringhauser@yahoo.com Monday, 2/16/2015
(IP. address (12:41 PM)
LI ELITE UPDATEDue to demand the 4x800m is back! enter on just in time racing
  by Sam Dee Friday, 2/13/2015
(IP. address (07:30 PM)
LI Elite online entry is open at Just in time racing.http://www.just-in-time-racing.com/winter.htm Please put your entries in asap. Remember the stardards are just a guideline.
  by Sam Dee Thursday, 2/12/2015
(IP. address (10:29 AM)
Congratulations to all of our qualifiers to the New York State Championships! Thank you to coaches and athletes for a great season! We made it through with no snow outs!! Good luck at the State Meet!
  by coachdegs Thursday, 2/12/2015
(IP. address (07:41 AM)
Good luck to all athletes competing at the State Qualifier meet tonight! Come cheer on the best in the County. 6:30pm at St. Anthony's HS tonight!
  by coachdegs Wednesday, 2/11/2015
(IP. address (12:48 PM)
All scratches for the State Qualifier Meet are due by 9pm tonight (2/8) Remember no scratches permitted at the meet. If you need any help with this process please email your respective coordinator. Girls kristinfrazer@gmail.com Boys suziekorn@aol.com Thank you!
  by coachdegs Sunday, 2/8/2015
(IP. address (06:29 PM)
State Q entries were just emailed to head coaches. If you are a head coach and did not receive the email please send us a message and we will get it to you. Fields are not final until Monday morning so please do not tell any athletes they are accepted into this meet. Girls email kristinfrazer@gmail.com Boys email Dennis suziekorn@aol.com
  by coachdegs Saturday, 2/7/2015
(IP. address (03:16 PM)
State Qualifier Entries due today (2/6) by 9pm!All entries will be emailed to coaches tomorrow by 6pm. Scratches may be made until noon on Sunday (NO SCRATCHES PERMITTED AT MEET) Final fields will be posted publicly Monday, Feb. 9th! Any questions please email your respective coordinator. Girls kristinfrazer@gmail.com Boys suziekorn@aol.com
  by coachdegs Friday, 2/6/2015
(IP. address (08:23 AM)
The interactive results for the County A and County B Championships have been updated on site.
  by Charlie Thursday, 2/5/2015
(IP. address (11:50 PM)
The following high schools and or clubs were awarded grants from the NSAF...USATF Outreach Program, Long Island Elite Track Club, Uniondale HS, Mepham HS....there were 80 applications nationwide....minimum grants ranged from $500 to $750.As a reminder entries for the New Balance Indoor HS Championships are filling fast.....already there are events filled any questions call Paul Limmer 631-266-2728 or 516-380-6224.Paul Limmer
  by Palimmer Wednesday, 2/4/2015
(IP. address (02:09 PM)
The Class "B" County Championships Results are now available from the "Official Results Sheets" link in the above section.
  by Charlie Wednesday, 2/4/2015
(IP. address (11:41 AM)
The site will not be open today. Coaches can contact the coordinators if they have any issues.kristinfrazer@gmail.com (girls)suziekorn@aol.com (boys)
  by coachdegs Wednesday, 2/4/2015
(IP. address (10:20 AM)
I printed my entry, but others may need theirs.
  by nyeer Wednesday, 2/4/2015
(IP. address (08:42 AM)
Can Tony please open the the website sometime tomorrow,so that we can print the entry.
  by nyeer Tuesday, 2/3/2015
(IP. address (10:12 PM)
County Class B Championships are on as scheduled for tonight.
  by TrackCoach Tuesday, 2/3/2015
(IP. address (12:28 PM)
We need some volunteers to test sending photos from the meet using their smartphones. Please email track_admin@spondev.com if you want to help. Thanks!
  by Charlie Monday, 2/2/2015
(IP. address (10:19 PM)
Take pictures at the County Meets and post them to this site.
  by Charlie Monday, 2/2/2015
(IP. address (10:16 PM)
Seeds are posted in the above Coaches Corner section.
  by Charlie Monday, 2/2/2015
(IP. address (10:15 PM)
All seeds were emailed to coaches. I am sorry but I am having trouble loading the seeds to this page tonight. I will contact the site admin and ask him to help me get them on in the morning. Seeds should also be posted on just-in-time-racing tonight or tomorrow morning. If you are a coach and did not receive the seeds emailed to you please email me so I can send to you. Kristinfrazer@gmail.com
  by coachdegs Saturday, 1/31/2015
(IP. address (10:34 PM)
The NSAF Grant Program Awards will be announced later today.... 4 Nassau High Schools and/or clubs were among the 20 nationwide accepted.PL
  by Palimmer Saturday, 1/31/2015
(IP. address (12:02 PM)
Accepted County fields will be posted later today (late afternoon/early evening). I will post here as well when they have been posted. Coaches will also receive an email.
  by coachdegs Saturday, 1/31/2015
(IP. address (08:33 AM)
Johnsonk88@aol.com thanks
  by gjohnson Thursday, 1/29/2015
(IP. address (08:16 PM)
Coach,The entries were emailed out promptly at 6. I'm sure the coordinators Dennis and Kristin are really busy so if you send me an email levyn@northshoreschools.org I will forward them to you. Neal Levy
  by Coach Levy Thursday, 1/29/2015
(IP. address (08:10 PM)
All online entries will be posted on Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 6:00 PM I guess that's not happening. Whenever we are told entries will be posted they never are. I suggest in the future when ever you decide on a time that u say they will be posted add 18 hours. Over the last two years that's usually when they appear.
  by gjohnson Thursday, 1/29/2015
(IP. address (07:58 PM)
Coaches - County entries are due TONIGHT BY 9PM. No entries will be accepted after 9pm tonight. Please remember to enter Weight Throw on your County entry (explained in letter) Thank you to the 45 boys teams and 42 girls teams who have already entered.
  by coachdegs Wednesday, 1/28/2015
(IP. address (10:13 AM)
8 Nassau schools applied for the Tony Wells Grant awarded by NSAF.....there were 77 schools nationwide that applied....decisions will be made this coming weekend while we meet in Chapel Hill....those schools will be notified shortly thereafter.PL
  by Palimmer Tuesday, 1/27/2015
(IP. address (02:15 PM)
Coaches- it is advised that if you intend to enter the New Balance Indoor Championships this March that you enter soon as events are filling up quickly with some already filled.. This year's back pack is,as usual, really cool..every participant receives one....any questions? Call Paul Limmer 631-266-2728
  by Palimmer Monday, 1/26/2015
(IP. address (01:39 PM)
Best of Season lists were sent out this morning! These are the only seeds eligible for Counties. County entry is due Wednesday. Please be diligent in getting your information in. Due date will not be adjusted due to impending snow storm. Stay safe and warm!
  by coachdegs Monday, 1/26/2015
(IP. address (08:03 AM)
Reminder that Best of Season entries are due tomorrow! This is the final Best of Season entry for County Championships.
  by coachdegs Saturday, 1/24/2015
(IP. address (10:56 PM)
All information regarding County and State Q entries has been sent to all ADs and all coaches. Coaches if you have not yet seen it please email your coordinator for a copy. County entries are now open. They will close on Jan. 28th. Thank you!
  by coachdegs Wednesday, 1/21/2015
(IP. address (10:13 AM)
Coaches you will be receiving very important information tomorrow regarding County and State Q entry information. You must follow all procedures as listed in the info. There will be no exceptions made for late/missed entries. Do not ask. Also we will be extending our last Best of Season reporting to include performances from the New Balance Games. Detailed info will be included in the memo you receive tomorrow. Information will be sent to you as well as to your ADs by tomorrow afternoon.
  by coachdegs Monday, 1/19/2015
(IP. address (10:09 AM)
Conference 6 LJ and TJ entries are due TODAY. Please enter online and follow up with an email to your coordinator. Also as stated below no coaches are permitted on the infield during the meet. Bud, supervisors working the meet will be seen on infield as they are working. However competing coaches should not be there. I will reinforce with staff.
  by coachdegs Sunday, 1/18/2015
(IP. address (10:38 AM)
Can the coordinators or whoever is in charge of these meets at St Anthony's please do a better job of enforcing the rule of, no coaches are allowed on the infield. Kristen, I think you do a wonderful job, but you haven't been around and parents have complained to me that i should be out on the infield when other coaches are also there. I have explained that coaches are not allowed to stay on the infield, but the truth is a handful of coaches are constantly out there. Thank you.
  by nyeer Saturday, 1/17/2015
(IP. address (06:22 PM)
Conference 5 LJ and TJ entries are due TODAY! Enter online and follow up with an email to your coordinator. Thank you to those who have already done this!
  by coachdegs Saturday, 1/17/2015
(IP. address (10:00 AM)
Conference 4 LJ and TJ entries are due today! Enter online and follow up with email to coordinator. Thank you to those who have already done this!
  by coachdegs Friday, 1/16/2015
(IP. address (11:34 AM)
A list of Friendship Games finalists has been posted in the News
  by Charlie Thursday, 1/15/2015
(IP. address (05:41 PM)
We have not received Walt Brem results to post or Friendship Games Finalists. If we get them, they will go right up!
  by TrackCoach Thursday, 1/15/2015
(IP. address (11:09 AM)
friendship games finalists???What about Walt Brem results??
  by curious Thursday, 1/15/2015
(IP. address (10:25 AM)
Will the finalists for the Friendship Games be posted somewhere prior to the meet on Monday?
  by jfkbellmoreboys Tuesday, 1/13/2015
(IP. address (02:14 PM)
A test email has been sent to all Spring Track Coaches. If you have not received it, please email frazerm@vschsd.org
  by TrackCoach Tuesday, 1/13/2015
(IP. address (01:09 PM)
Coaches. We are doing our best to add meet results into our sortable rankings and individual profiles, but we need your help for meets we miss. We have am admin where coaches or volunteers can add in those missing results. Anyone willing to help out??????
  by Charlie Monday, 1/12/2015
(IP. address (11:04 PM)